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Today 2017-09-25
Funds under control USD 167.0m
Online since 512 days
Accounts 2275
Asset managers 22
Running bots 18 + 5 Enhanced
Active loans (average) 33,548

Premium membership

May 2017
We are still doing this project mainly for fun and experience, however last weeks we have welcomed a lot of new users and the running costs became ... well, not fun any more :)

That's why we introduce a Premium membership for our 1 year anniversary. It will help us cover the running costs and the beer supply.

Small fishes and whales have the same impact on our servers and require the same amount of time, thus we find it fair to have a fixed fee.

In addition, we want to keep a basic access free for all, because this is Bitcoin.


Automated lending bot to maximize your capital use rate
26 different currencies on 4 different exchanges
Monitoring of earned interest on dedicated table and charts
High level of security and privacy
Slow bot polling speed (every 60 minutes)
Fast bot polling speed (1 to 2 minutes, excepted Poloniex 5-15 minutes)
Fast bot polling speed (Poloniex 1 to 2 minutes)
Limited to default strategy (assures comfortable returns)
Unlimited access to every strategies and settings
Prestigious contribution to Cryptolend servers cost

* Novice = New members have complete free access until they have earned at least $250 equivalent, plus 15 days.
** Poloniex Enhanced membership: Instead of 1 to 2 minutes, the bots take 5-10 minutes (sometimes more) to process all Poloniex accounts, because of API bottleneck issue. We have designed a faster bot on request of one of our members. Because of higher server costs, this feature can not be part of the Novice and Premium plans. We make it available to members requiring an enhanced service. It may be beneficial, if you have a large amount of funds to lend, and if you want the bot to renew offers and evaluate your strategy faster.

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Welcome dear visitor.
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