Long Loan Strategy

Without specific strategy, the bot makes offer by default for 2days.

You might however want to switch offers to a longer duration under specific market conditions (peaks or high rates).

Long Loan Strategy respond to that need.

You can define the trigger for these longer duration based on a specific value of the rate (trigger rate), or when there is a rate peak (trigger variation).

The goal is to benefit longer from high incomes and get back your funds quickly when incomes are lower.

There are 4 settings for this strategy:

  • Max Loans Duration [in days]: duration for your long duration offers (From 2 days to 30 on Bitfinex, and from 2 days to 60 days Poloniex).
  • Rate Threshold [in %/day]: rate from which the bot triggers automatically the long duration offers. Below this limit the bot will do offers with duration of 2 days. And over this limit, offers duration will be set to Max loans duration (see above).
  • Variation Threshold [in %]: variation of rate in % above the bot triggers automatically the long duration offers. Enter 20000% to disable the variation trigger.
  • Variation Min rate [in %]: rate under which the variation rate is disabled. This setting is to avoid “false” high variation (if the rate is extremely low, even double the rate might be still very low).

Example in words

  • Max loans duration: 30
  • Rate threshold : 0.8
  • Variation threshold : 200
  • Variation Min rate : 0.05

This example means that:

  • Your lending offers will be set for 2 days as basis.
  • If the rates rate goes over 0.8%, or when the rate "jumps" up more than 200% and is above 0.05%/day, then the offers will be set for 30 days lending.
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