How it Works

CryptoLend checks continuously if you have funds available for lending, and if yes, creates offers based on your defined parameters, using the API.

The exchange Bitfinex takes care of finding the match between offer and demand.

Once the money is back from lending and the interest earned, CryptoLend calculates its fee and deducts it from your "Bot Credits".

Get started in 3 easy steps

Create an Account

Choose your username and password.

Yes, that´s it... no name, no email, no confirmation...

Add your API keys

You need to have already an account in Bitfinex.

From the account page, copy paste the API and related key of the Exchange.

More help on where to find these is available in resources .

Start lending

From your Dashboard, select the wheel of any of the pair you wish to start, and Activate Lending.

The robot starts making offers. You can then follow progress via the easy, personnalised graphs of your dashboard.

Relax and Enjoy earning interets

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For security reasons, Cryptolend does not take the fees directly from the interest.

We collect the fees from a prepayment credit from you to CryptoLend.

We call that the “Bot Credit”.

As soon as your credit bot is funded, you will access all Premium Features.

Fund the "Bot Credit"

From your Dashboard, click on the "Bot Credits" link.

Generate a wallet address for the currency you wish, and fund it.

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Premium member features.

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