An Introduction To Lending Strategies On

The bot of Cryptolend is a computer program running 24/7. Its job is to take care of lending money on Bitfinex.

On a period of 365 days in 2015-2016, it generated approximately :

  • 19% on USD on Bitfinex
  • and 20% on bitcoins on Poloniex.

This return average was made of very high rates during short "bubbles" and low to middle rates during quite long periods.

We recommend reading on margin lending before going further:

  • Bitfinex Margin funding: link

To decide which strategy to use, feel free to navigate our resource pages, from “Which Strategy To Use” to each individual strategy description.

Or simply “Drop and forget” by activating “Managed” or the bot with defaults settings.

Our expert mode view has 4 main sections:

  • Funds controls: This section allows you to define parameters directly related to your funds and will take priority over any other bot settings.
  • Lending bot settings, for the basic bot settings.
  • Strategies: There you can turn on or off each individual strategy, as well as set specific parameters for each strategy.
  • Alerts: to create useful alerts.
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