An Introduction To Lending Strategies On

The bot of Crypto Lend is a computer program running 24/7. Its job is to take care of lending money on Bitfinex and Poloniex.

On a period of 365 days in 2015-2016, it generated approximately :

  • 19% on USD on Bitfinex
  • and 20% on bitcoins on Poloniex.

This return average was made of very high rates during short "bubbles" and low to middle rates during quite long periods.

We recommend reading on margin lending before going further:

  • Bitfinex Margin funding: link
  • Poloniex Margin lending: link

Drop and forget

If you would like to earn interest without spending time, our default settings will do the job.


If you would like to search for higher returns, our bot can follow different strategies. Find below the details on the available strategies:

  • Basic strategy
  • Long Loan strategy
  • Adaptive min rate strategy
  • Boost ™ and Auto-Boost strategy
  • Reserve strategy
  • Long maturity strategy
  • Spread funds over time
  • Spread funds into book depth

Before explaining the strategies we must define some expressions.

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