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Get Started Tutorial

Take our guided tour to get started with Cryptolend.

Dashboard Tutorial

Take our guided tour to get familiar with your account dashboard.

How To Lend On Poloniex

First, create an account on Poloniex and deposit some bitcoins to the Lending wallet.

How To Lend On Bitfinex

First, create an account on Bitfinex and transfer some bitcoins or USD to the Funding wallet.

Which Strategy To Use

The best strategies to use depend on your needs and expectations. Here some example case studies for some investor profiles.

Funding At Bitmex

You can earn interest by shorting the Bitmex XBTUSD swap product. More information on the Bitmex blog.

How To Use Cryptolend For Funding At Bitmex

When entering a position with Cryptolend bot, you accept to short Bitmex XBTUSD derivatives. Your bitcoins will be changed into USD equivalent value, so the loss in BTC value can be substantial.

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