Boost ™ And Auto-boost ™ Strategy

BOOST ™ Technology

Latest of the Cryptolend invention, Boost ™ Technology is the ultimate tool to respond to sharp, short peaks in lending rate.

When Boost is launched, the bot gets into race mode, in order to lend as fast as possible, as much as possible, and for as long as possible.

Boost ™ strategy

During B phase testing, using auto-BOOST ™, Cryptolend was able to catch the rate highlighted in yellow, for a significant amount and for 120 days! All that while sleeping :)

As this type of strategy is bold and adapted to sharp, short high peak, the strategy is by design set for maximum 30min.

The Boost technology can be triggered in 2 ways:

  • Immediately via an easy access button in your dashboard, near the charts.
  • Planned via the strategy Auto-boost in the expert panel.

Warning 1: Please note that during the limited time of the boost, the bot will temporarily override all your settings and strategies in order to achieve one main goal: lend as much as possible, for as long as possible, and as fast as possible.

Only “Keep amount” and “Max lending amount” will not be affected.

Warning 2: Once the 30min boost is finished, all your setting and strategies will be restored as before.

BOOST ™ button

The easy access button is located near the charts.

Once launched, the BOOST starts immediately. It can be interrupted any time via the same button.


Auto-Boost strategy accessible from the expert panel.

This strategy allows you to set a rate from which the Boost will be triggered automatically.

There are 4 settings for this strategy:

  • Trigger Rate [in %]: Rate from which the bot triggers automatically the Boost strategy for 30 minutes
  • Trigger Variation [in %]: variation of rate in % above the bot triggers automatically the BOOST™ strategy. Enter 20000% to disable the variation trigger.
  • Variation Min rate [in %]: rate under which the variation rate is disabled. This setting is to avoid “false” high variation (if the rate is extremely low, even double the rate might be still very low).
  • Boost Alert: choose to receive an alert via email and/or Telegram, when the boost is triggered.

Example in words

  • Trigger Rate 0.56 %/d
  • Trigger Variation 250 %
  • Variation Min rate 0.08 %/d
  • Boost Alert Y
This example means that: If the rates rate goes over 0.56%, or when the rate "jumps" up more than 250% and is above 0.08%/day, then the BOOST™ strategy is triggered. You will then also receive an alert via the chosen method from the “My account” section.


When should the Boost be used?

When the market presents shorts, high peaks, the standard strategies are still efficient, but you could get more and better from your lending.

Cryptolend developed this special strategy, consolidating our knowhow, experience and all our strategies.

Why for sharp peaks and not for "normal" market situation?

The goal of Boost is to place lending "aggressively" in order to make the best of an exceptional situation.

During "normal" market, our other strategies might be more appropriate to ensure a better return.

Why only for 30 minutes?

Boost ™ is an aggressive strategy that makes sense for specific market situation.

This strategy is not efficient for long period of time.

How to use Boost ™ ?

You can trigger it immediately, when you see or get alerted of a peak.

You can also use the Auto-Boost strategy to set a lending rate that would trigger the boost automatically.

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