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Basic Lending Strategy

The Basic strategy automatically places offers with all your available balance, at the best rate possible to maximise the Use rate. A new calculation will be done every minute.

Long Loan Strategy

This strategy allows to switch offers to a longer duration when the market undergoes a peak in rate or variation. The goal is to benefit longer from high incomes and get back your funds quickly when incomes are lower. Up to 30 days for Bitfinex and 60 days for Poloniex.

Adaptive Min Rate Strategy

This strategy is an upgrade of the Basic strategy. It aims to skip temporary drops of rate in the lendbook.

Iceberg Strategy

This strategy will limit the maximum amount of your funds being offered on the market at the same time.

Boost ™ And Auto-boost ™ Strategy

The Boost strategy will adapt some of your settings to lend as much as possible, as fast as possible, for as long as possible. It can be triggered by rate limit or started manually.

Reserve Amount Strategy

Block a reserve to be released when rate goes over a limit.

Duration Spread Strategy

On basic mode, the bot makes offers with only 2 types of durations: 2 days duration, or for the Max loans duration level of your choice when the lending rate is over the Threshold long offer.

Dynamic Depth Strategy

The deeper the book depth, the better the lending rate to be offered, but also the higher the risk of the offer not being taken.

Long Maturity Strategy

This strategy is an upgrade of the Basic strategy. The goal is to prioritize rates over maturity. The bet is that 30-days loans will be closed out long before 30 days, so we can focus on highest available rates whatever the maturity.

Initial Split Strategy

The idea is to retain part of your available funds to spread it over time, so that your loans are split in small chunks and you can benefit from an average rate.

Managed Account

With the feature “Managed”, Cryptolend offers Premium users to let us manage their account.

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