Reserve Amount Strategy

The bot maximizes your use rate, so that most of your assets are lent at all time.

You might however want to keep some reserve not lent, in order to have assets available for peaks or high lending rates.

Reserve Strategy respond to that need.

For example, if turn reserve strategy ON with a reserve of 10,000 USD and release rate at 0.8%, the bot will not lend these assets as long as the lending rate is below 0.8%.

As soon as the rate goes above 0.8%, the bot will release the 10,000USD and offer them for lending.

Would the rate go again below 0.8% later on, the bot will rebuild the reserve.

In that way, your reserve will be offered only above a certain rate.

Warning: Reserve amount is independent from “keep amount”. Reserve is an amount ready to be released at a certain rate. Keep amount is blocked and the bot will never touch it.

There is 2 settings for this strategy:

  • Reserve amount [in currency]: Amount of assets to be reserved and not lent until the release rate is passed.
  • Release Rate [in %]: Rate above which the reserved amount is released for lending.
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