Lending Bot Settings

Lending bot settings automatically places offers with all your available balance, at the best rate possible to maximise the Use rate. A new calculation will be done every bot cycle time.

You can adjust the following settings :

  • Min depth amount [in currency] is the depth of the lendbook to move through before placing the offer. This is used to skip very low rate offers.
  • Max duration offer [in minute] is the maximum time to keep your offers. For instance, if the bot places an offer at 10:15 and the max duration is set to 30 minutes --> then at 10:45, if the offer is not yet filled, it will be removed and the bot will reformulate a new one. This is used to follow the rate closely and maximise the Use Rate. You can disable the feature by setting it to 0.
  • Min offer amount [in currency] will block offers if your available balance is less than this limit. In this case, the bot will wait for a larger available balance. This is used to prevent numerous small offers.
  • Min offer rate [in %/day] will block new offers as long as higher rate is not available. This setting can be used to ignore very low rate.
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