Managed Account

Knowing what strategies to apply depending on the market situation might be difficult. It requires to understand well all available strategies, how to use them, and to follow continuously the market to adapt the strategies that best fit.

With the feature “Managed”, Cryptolend offers Premium users to let us manage their account.

This feature is currently available only for Bitfinex USD, being currency with highest volume. Bitfinex BTC will be added soon. Stay tuned!

Activate your asset management

Warning 1: This feature has special conditions that require your approval. Please read them well.

Warning 2: Activating that feature might lead to lend, and block your assets (at least partly) up to 30days on Bitfinex.

Warning 3: This dynamic management of the account is not personalised, and is not tracked/check on each individual account. Please keep checking your account on a regular basis and contact us immediately if you see something unexpected.

There is no settings for this strategy. Cryptolend takes care of it!

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