Funds Control

Funds control allows you to define parameters directly related to your funds and will take priority over any other bot settings.

There are 3 settings for this section:

  • Keep amount: Keep amount will retain this amount in your account, without lending it. This is used to prepare an amount for withdrawal without stopping lending.
  • Max lending amount: everything on top of that amount (even earned) will not be lent. This may be used to not taint the earnings for extended taxation, or to sell all the earnings for fiat. Default value 0 = no maximum.
  • Min Liquidity (in %): If you need to ensure some liquidity, you can set a % of your funds that will remain available within maximum 48h. This means % of your funds that will be either not lent or lent at maximum 2days.
  • Max loans duration (in days): General limit to the loan duration. Use this setting to ensure that no loan duration will be over this limit, whathever the other strategies. Default value: 120d.
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