Duration Spread Strategy

On basic mode, the bot makes offers with only 2 types of durations: 2 days duration, or for the Max loans duration level of your choice when the lending rate is over the Threshold long offer.

The goal of this strategy is to spread the durations of the active loans in more duration subgroups.

This strategy allows user with enough funds to benefit from long term rates on a part of its balance, and in the same time he can keep an amount available on the short term.

For example: a user has 10 BTC, and decides to spread the loans between 2 days and 30 days, with an increment of 7 days. After a few minutes, there will 2 BTC offered at 2 days duration, plus 2 BTC at 9 days, 2 BTC at 16 days, 2 BTC at 23 days and 2 BTC at 30 days. The bot will ensure that any new loan will be spread into these categories.

Warning: When enabled, this strategy bypasses the settings 'Max loans duration' and 'Threshold long offer'.

There is 3 settings for this strategy:

  • Minimum duration [in days]: The minimum days durations your balance will be spread to. Default value is 2 days.
  • Maximum duration [in days]: The maximum days durations your balance will be spread to. Default value is 30 days.
  • Duration Increment [in days]: The durations days increment to spread your balance. Default value is 7 days.
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