How To Lend On Poloniex

First create a Cryptolend account.

Second, create an account on Poloniex and deposit some bitcoins to the Lending wallet.

Then go to the API menu and create an API key with the minimum rights (simply uncheck everything) to ensure that this API key does not allow withdrawal nor trading.

Poloniex Key

You must activate the Poloniex IP Access Restriction feature, and input your 2 bots IP addresses (found in your My Account page), so that your API can not be used outside of our system.

Cryptolend Bots IP addresses

Then enter your Poloniex API key and secret code in your account.

Select a strategy from your dashboard or from the bot settings.

Let Crypto Lend do the lending for you and enjoy the returns.

When you have enough, juste disable Poloniex lending strategy or disable your API key on Poloniex.

For security reasons, our bot may delete your API keys in the following cases :

  1. Wrong rights / Too much rights allocated to the API key
  2. IP restriction feature not enabled
  3. Wrong key or secret
  4. Key disabled at exchange side
  5. Key re-used from another bot
  6. Account balance empty during a few days
  7. No lending during a few days
To fix this issue: create a new key at your exchange and follow the above procedure from scratch.

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